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What matters more physical appearance or personality?

Published 2017-12-11 in Life - 0 Comments
physical appearance or personality

There has been a lot of controversy regarding this topic and in most cases people explore the both sides before they make the final decision. It has come to our attention that individual who are more physically attractive have more chances when it comes to dating. In the modern society, the better-looking people are seen as more trustworthy, kinder and smarter and they tend to seek for more attractive partners. After all, they seek people who are on their level or attractiveness and people who are outside this level, you would assume don’t have a lot of luck.

Good lucks Vs. personality

Nowadays, our society has put too much emphasis on the physical appearance and in some way, we have neglected the real values. People who are better looking, tend to be more advantageous. Under the influence of mass media and social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, people blindly accept this trend. While we agree that look is important in forming a relationship, it shouldn’t be the only factor which determines the outcome of one relationship. Physical appearance can have a positive impact in the early stage of the relationship, as both parties still form an opinion about each other. But, as the relationship progresses, people tend to search for other things and their judgement based on looks slowly starts to disappear.

It is completely natural that someone who is better looking can establish a relationship faster, but, one question remains, how long will that union last? This depends on a person and what he or she is looking for? In addition to this, good physical attributes can allow you to be more socially acceptable and provide you more opportunities to interact with people. On the other hand, people who don’t fulfil beauty standards are considered ugly and often discriminated and individuals who are less attractive will have fewer chance to meet more people.

Personality above everything

personalityEven though, we know that looks can have a great impact on people, we also consider that personality is equally important. While physical attributes help you form an initial contact, what comes next is far more important. For example, if you are searching for a long-term relationship, the physical appearance shouldn’t be your first choice. In this case, you need a person with whom you can talk about various topics, fell comfortable and relaxed. The beauty isn’t always important, if the person is kind and trustworthy. In most cases, even if a person become more beautiful over the time, using plastic surgery and various treatments, his or her personality still remains.

When you are looking for a future partner, then you should include all the factors into consideration. Based on your choice, the duration of that union will be determined. Nowadays, it easy to find a one-night stand, but if you want to create a long – term relationship, the there are some things you need to sacrifices. Otherwise, you will be asking yourself a same question all over again, will he come back?