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About Me


FranciscaHello dear readers!

My name is Francisca Faulk and I am the proud owner and the creator of this blog! The idea for this blog came to me very spontaneously as one day I have realized that I need guidance from my mom and sister on how to become a powerful woman.

Women nowadays have too much on their plates and it’s really difficult to remain successful at all times. However, it’s also something the society seems to expect from us, and we feel as under achievers when we fail to fulfill these expectations.

This blog aims to teach women how they can take matters into their own hands. It will give you some practical advice that will help you improve your life and become better at being the kind of woman everyone admires. Because being a woman is not an easy task, and no one teaches you how to be a woman. There are still many things women need to learn and know in order to become successful. Hopefully, my articles will inspire you and you will start to become a better version of yourself day by day and achieve something we all strive to.

Much love,