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What matters more physical appearance or personality?

Published 2017-12-11 in Life - 0 Comments
physical appearance or personality

There has been a lot of controversy regarding this topic and in most cases people explore the both sides before they make the final decision. It has come to our attention that individual who are more physically attractive have more chances when it comes to dating. In the modern society, the better-looking people are seen as more trustworthy, kinder and smarter and they tend to seek for more attractive partners. After all, they seek people who are on their level or attractiveness and people who are outside this level, you would assume don’t have a lot of luck.

Good lucks Vs. personality

Nowadays, our society has put too much emphasis on the physical appearance and in some way, we have neglected the real values. People who are better looking, tend to be more advantageous. Under the influence of mass media and social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, people blindly accept this trend. While we agree that look is important in forming a relationship, it shouldn’t be the only factor which determines the outcome of one relationship. Physical appearance can have a positive impact in the early stage of the relationship, as both parties still form an opinion about each other. But, as the relationship progresses, people tend to search for other things and their judgement based on looks slowly starts to disappear.

It is completely natural that someone who is better looking can establish a relationship faster, but, one question remains, how long will that union last? This depends on a person and what he or she is looking for? In addition to this, good physical attributes can allow you to be more socially acceptable and provide you more opportunities to interact with people. On the other hand, people who don’t fulfil beauty standards are considered ugly and often discriminated and individuals who are less attractive will have fewer chance to meet more people.

Personality above everything

personalityEven though, we know that looks can have a great impact on people, we also consider that personality is equally important. While physical attributes help you form an initial contact, what comes next is far more important. For example, if you are searching for a long-term relationship, the physical appearance shouldn’t be your first choice. In this case, you need a person with whom you can talk about various topics, fell comfortable and relaxed. The beauty isn’t always important, if the person is kind and trustworthy. In most cases, even if a person become more beautiful over the time, using plastic surgery and various treatments, his or her personality still remains.

When you are looking for a future partner, then you should include all the factors into consideration. Based on your choice, the duration of that union will be determined. Nowadays, it easy to find a one-night stand, but if you want to create a long – term relationship, the there are some things you need to sacrifices. Otherwise, you will be asking yourself a same question all over again, will he come back?

Natural ways to boost your muscle mass

Published 2017-11-20 in Fitness - 0 Comments
boost your muscle mass

Those that aim to increase their muscle mass without any illegal help find that it is hard to achieve this. This, however, isn’t a case with all people. Some find it easy to gain muscle mass while others struggle even with the use of some pretty potent additives.

You don’t have to use illegal and health-damaging steroids to increase your muscle mass. There are other options you can use, and they are both legal and good for your health.

muscle massSo, you don’t have to stress out about the inability to gain muscles at speeds at which other people do. You can read The 3 Best Legal Steroids on Today’s Market – Safest Alternatives and see what you can use to get more muscles. But, before you do that you should read this post, as it will give you more info about legal steroids as well as some other alternatives to the same.

Three ways to boost your muscle gain

A future bodybuilder has several options when it comes to supplements that can increase your muscle mass. The first choice is to buy steroids that are considered illegal in the professional world of bodybuilding. These are quite effective in giving you what you desire, but they are also prone to giving you things you don’t want. Man boobs are one example of those things. Erectile dysfunction and the shrinking of the testicles are also things that some illegal steroids cause. You are not allowed to enter into competitions if you use unlawful additives, but some states allow their use in a recreational fashion.

The other option you can opt for is the legal steroids. Now, they are superior to anabolic steroids in some aspects while in others they are inferior.

The inferiority of this type of supplements is found in their potency. They provide boosts that help in the workout and, for some, this is enough. But you can’t compare it to anabolic steroids as those allow for quick and efficient muscle gain in a short timeframe. The lack of chemically produced ingredients prevents legal steroids from giving the body what it needs for rapid muscle gain. But some people are willing to thread the slower path as it means fewer health problems.

The third option is the healthiest one, but it also doesn’t provide as much of a boost as other options offer. If you don’t want to take any steroids, then you can rely on products of nature. Some plants contain elements that will give you an edge in muscle building process. The effects aren’t on a miraculous level, but they are noticeable.

Which way to go?

If you are asking for advice on which type of steroids and other alternatives to go for then the essential tip is to avoid those illegal steroids. They can ruin your health, and therefore they aren’t worth the price you will have to pay for rapid muscle gain. Your choice is between legal steroids and natural products like plants. It’s up to you which path to thread as they are both excellent.

Be Dominant At Work With Less Stress

Published 2017-07-13 in Woman - 0 Comments
Be Dominant At Work With Less Stress

Even though we all know that stress is a normal reaction to certain situations, we are all still aware that stress can damage our health. Therefore, it would be for the best if we could avoid getting ourselves in stressful situations. The main source of all stress seems to come from your workplace. Learning how to handle difficult situations and stay on top of the things will definitely be useful for many of my readers, and this is why this topic deserves an article that will show you how to maintain your dominance at work, and reduce the stress and same time.

What Causes Us To Be Stressed?

Dominant With Less Stress

In the majority of cases, stress comes from situations that we are not familiar with. Any sort of change in your life and daily routines, anything that could go either ways and cause uncertainty, will be the cause of stress in your daily life. Whether you recognize the effects that stress has on your life right away or a bit later, will ultimately depend on you. However, many situations in our lives can cause stress and letting stressful situations pile on is not a good idea. Work stress is probably one of the most frequent types of stress that people go through. Whether it’s a deadline you are not sure whether you will meet, or a demanding boss or clients, all of these things could cause you the unnecessary stress in your life.

How Do Dominant People Behave?

In order to stay on top of things you need to behave differently. Dominant people are not overpowered by the stress they may be experiencing, but they rather use it in order to grow. If you want to learn how you can stay on top of things you need to take a step back and look at the entire situation. Many times detaching yourself from the existing situation will give you a better view on things and it will help you react in an appropriate way. If you are having problems controlling your behavior and your stress, take a five-minute break and think about your problems as if you were advising your friend. This strategy will help you understand your situation better from a different point of view.

Will Stress Affect Your Work?

Definitely! Sometimes we can even become rather inefficient at what we do mainly as a result of the stress we have been going through. It is important to keep this in mind, because the more you stress out the more damaging effect it will have on your work and your health.

What Should I Do Differently?

Dominant With Less StressBy no means am I advising you to change everything that makes you – you. However, what you should do differently is control your emotions and perceive the situation from a different point of view before you react. This is something all women should learn, because we are known to react emotionally in all sorts of situations. In order to keep yourself professional, you have to learn how to behave like one. Changing just a couple of things will not make you into a different person, but it will definitely help you control your reactions, become more dominant in all sorts of situations and become better at what you do. Ultimately, this is something everyone dreams of achieving, whether they are a man or a woman.

What Do You Need To Live Healthy?

Published 2017-07-13 in Health , Woman - 0 Comments
What Do You Need To Live Healthy?

Living healthy is not only good for your body, it is also good for your overall physical and mental health. Staying committed to living healthy is not easy. This is precisely why many people cannot stay on the right track no matter how hard they try to live healthy. If you want to know just what you need in order to achieve this goal, all you need to do is read the following tips!

Time For Exercise

Live Healthy

If you want to live healthy, you need to make time for exercise. Even though exercising can often be time-consuming and not everyone can fit in going to the gym in their busy schedule, still it is really necessary if you want to keep yourself healthy. Making time for exercising will help you improve the quality of your life, but most importantly it will help you achieve your goal to live healthy.

Commitment To A Healthy Lifestyle

Another thing which you must keep in mind in, is the devotion to a healthy lifestyle. Many people believe that living healthy is easy, but it does take a lot of work. Your commitment is what will make all the difference between living healthy and living unhealthy. Following the rules of healthy living every day takes commitment and determination which many people do not have. Even though from time to time, you can cut yourself some slack, it is really important that most of the time you stay committed to this goal.

Affording Top Quality Food

Live HealthyLiving healthy is all about the right diet and regular exercise. Making time for exercise is perhaps difficult, but finding time for it together with affording top-quality food is often just dreadful. Still, you need to start making careful observations when buying your food. Many of the foods we buy are not really organic or healthy. Buying organic foods will help you reduce your weight and you will be healthier. Many people also become vegetarians or vegans precisely because they want to eat healthier. We all know that meats we buy often contain lots of antibiotics that are used to treat animals when they are sick. However, if you still want to eat meat and be healthy, you should think of a healthier option. For example, you can eat meat and dairy that come from organic farms. The best option by far is growing your own food, but for many people, this is just not possible. This is why you have to do a little bit of research and find food of the top quality which is available to you.


The number one thing that you need in order to live healthy is motivation! You can buy all the healthy foods, and join as many gyms as you want, and still fail to eat healthy foods or use your gym membership. This is where motivation steps into the picture. If you have a goal that you want to achieve it will definitely help your motivation, but what happens when you achieve that goal? Your motivation needs to be to live healthy, from this day until the rest of your life. This is the commitment that you must make and keep your motivation always up so that you never fail to achieve this goal.


How To Get Fit In A Short Amount Of Time

Published 2017-07-13 in Fitness , Woman - 0 Comments
How To Get Fit In A Short Amount Of Time

Get FitBefore I start writing advice on how you can get fit really fast, I first want to use this opportunity to say that getting fit does in fact take time. In order to get fit you need to change your habits and your lifestyle. Being on a crash diet may have momentary results however, it will not help you with your habits and your figure in the long run. The best way to keep fit, is to do a physical activity that you find enjoyable and eat healthy foods in moderate amounts.

Now back to our topic, here is how you get fit in a short amount of time, in case your ex’s wedding is coming up for instance and you want to leave everyone with their jaws dropped.

Cut Down On Sweets

This strategy will have the best effect on your overall figure because it will help you reduce the sugar intake. We often do not even realize how much sugar we get into our system and cutting down or reducing sugar in your diet can greatly affect your physique. If you want to lose weight fast, you should give up on the chocolate and the candy that you would normally eat.

Drinks Have Calories Too, You Know

We often forget the calories we get into our bodies through fluids. In case that you have a habit of drinking sugary drinks, make sure you stop doing that as of today. You could also cut down on the alcohol, because as you know it also has a lot of calories. Not to mention all those margaritas that you would normally have! If you are really serious about getting fit in a really short amount of time, these things are definitely what you must take into account if you want to achieve your goal.

Now Hit The Gym

For some people going to the gym can be really hard and exhausting, while others take pleasure in going to the gym. It doesn’t really matter which type you are if you are really serious about getting fit in a short amount of time you will not be able to pull that out without going to the gym. Now, at the gym you can forget about all the elliptical trainers and treadmills and go straight to the weight section. Lifting heavy weights will not just affect your muscles, but it will also reduce the body fat. It’s really important to work with heavyweights if you want quick results.

Choosing The Bright Side

Get Fit

Ultimately, the best way to get fit in a short time is to always keep in mind your goal and always choose the healthy option. If you can eat a banana or a chocolate, go for a banana. If your friend is begging you to go out this Saturday, make sure they return you the favor by being your running buddy on Sunday. Also, don’t forget to have fun because it will make the time go faster. Sweat, train and eat right my lovelies, and you will find that golden girl the next time you look in the mirror!

How To Motivate Yourself

Published 2017-07-13 in Motivation , Woman - 0 Comments
How To Motivate Yourself

So far, I have written about many goals that many girls and women out there want to achieve. However, often the main problem is how to keep yourself motivated and committed towards achieving that goal. In today’s article I wanted to show you some of my personal strategies with which I keep myself motivated and that had really helped me in the past. You have to be your number one fan and number one reason for motivation. If you learn how to achieve that you will also be able to achieve all your other goals as well.

Knowing What You Want

Motivate Yourself

Sometimes, we don’t really know what we want. This is the first step that you must take. Take some time and explore your wishes and your expectations. Knowing what you want will definitely make it a lot easier for you to achieve your goals.

See What Others Do

Let’s say that someone has already achieved the goal you want to achieve. You do not need to copy their actions per se, but it’s would be advisable to look back to what they have done right. This will also give you a path and an understanding of all the little steps that you need to take on this journey in order to achieve your goal. Find a couple of people that you can talk to about this and it will definitely help you.

Who Is Your No.1 Fan?

Motivate YourselfThe answer to this question is simple – it’s you! Your need to be your number one fan and your biggest supporter. Once you learn how to be your own rock in life nothing and no one could ever take that away from you. This is what people usually have in mind when they say that someone is independent and strong. If you want to become that person you need to learn how to be supportive of your actions when they are right and when they are wrong. Learning how you can learn from your own mistakes is also a skill, but more importantly you should learn how not to put yourself down when you do something wrong, but rather try to pick yourself back up and head out to a fresh start.

Expecting More

People with higher expectations usually achieve more in life. If you want to achieve more in life and if you want to motivate yourself to succeed, make sure you have high expectations. Having high expectations for yourself doesn’t necessarily exclude being forgiving with yourself. Expecting more will simply motivate you more, but learning how to be happy with what you have is also a crucial skill you must learn if you want to be happy.

Why Are You Doing It?

Being motivated is not just about achieving a certain goal. You have to know why you are doing it. Making sense out of your actions will definitely motivate you more. For example, you want to learn a new language in order to be able to live abroad. This motivation will help you overcome any obstacles in your path.

How To Improve Your Love Life

Published 2017-07-13 in Life , Love , Woman - 0 Comments
How To Improve Your Love Life

Many women are burdened with their love lives. Finding the love of your life is definitely something we all dream about. However, being in love can also have a dark side and include a lot of emotional pain. If you want to learn how to improve your love life, read these tips as they will definitely help you.

Stay Active

Everyone wants to have an interesting and active partner. If you want to improve your love life, you have to work on yourself. Staying active will also give you the confidence which you need in order to be a better lover and a better partner. Do not neglect to spend time developing your own interest. Even if you are in a relationship you still have to find time for your own interests and your activities. It is bound to make you’re a lot more interesting in your partner’s eyes.

Be Independent

Love Life Tree

Being independent will not just be significant for finding the right partner, but it will also build you as a person. Working on your own character will definitely be an advantage for you personally, and for your love life. If you want to improve your love life, you have to learn how to be happy on your own, how to be independent as well as approachable. This is a partner everyone dreams of.

Be Patient

Jumping into and out of relationships can be an emotional disaster. Learn how to be patient in your relationships. Getting to know someone takes time and effort, so make sure you devote time into getting to know someone before you form a long lasting relationship with them. The same goes for the very development of your relationship – it will take time. Letting things run their own course can sometimes be the best thing you can do in a relationship.

Feel Sexy

Love LifeWhether you are single at the moment, or in a committed relationship, or in a marriage, it is necessary that you feel good about your appearances and that you feel sexy. Feeling sexy can definitely help you improve your love life because you will have the confidence that you are good enough. When we don’t have enough confidence we often settle down with a partner that doesn’t actually fulfil our expectations. Make sure you work on yourself, find clothes that fit you and keep yourself clean. It will often be enough in order to make you feel sexy, but some sexy lingerie and a bit of perfume could do no harm either.


Loving the game and flirting is the best practice you can get. Flirting with people can be a great way to improve your confidence and perhaps even find a new partner. The next time you see someone you like smile to them! Even if it doesn’t seem like much, it could help you find potential partners and improve your love life. Remember, men approach approachable women! So be approachable!

How To Find A Better Job

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How To Find A Better Job

Being economically stable is definitely one of the main reasons why women choose to work. Being independent is important to everyone, but it is also a path to empowerment. Learn how you can get a better paid job that will make you a lot more satisfied about yourself and give you better options for the future. These tips will definitely help you achieve just that.

Update Your CV

Find A Better Job

If you are currently looking for a better job, make sure you update your CV. Your resume should be up to date, but it should also look appealing. Make sure all the information about you is carefully laid out on a sheet of paper that you can send to your employers, either in person or electronically. If you haven’t updated your CV in a while it is also a good idea to include all the skills that you have learned in the meantime, as well as the job positions that you have had.

Have A Goal

Before you head out and start looking for a better job you have to define to yourself what this better job would have to be like. There are many job posts that you could do, but that doesn’t mean that all of them would make you happy. Once you have a clear goal in your mind, you will know what you want to achieve and you will learn how you can disregard all other options.

Get Yourself Out There

Find A Better JobWhen looking for a better job it’s important to get yourself out there and actively search. Many people think that looking at ads is the only thing that they could do. On the contrary, there are many strategies and many ways which could help you find a better job and fulfill your potential. One of the best ways perhaps is to find a company that you would really like to work for and then contact them. Even if they do not need anyone at the time being, they will have your CV and it will possibly contact you in future.

Connect With People

Making connections is a really great way to find out about job posts. There are many ways in which you can connect to new people and meet new people that could help you on your journey for looking for a better job. It’s a great idea to use social networks such as LinkedIn that could help you get in touch with professionals who are looking for someone with your professional background.

Work On Your Skills

In the meantime, it’s always advisable to work on your sets of skills. Learning a new language can be a great idea, but you could also enroll yourself in a seminar or a course that could help you build up your resume.